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Older reports and some scientific papers on the Swahilian Coastal Forests can be difficult to obtain, as some of these were issued as 'grey literature' reports, or were published in journals that no longer exist. A few of these are available below:



Anon (1902). Forestry in German East Africa. Indian Forester 1902: 372-374.


Beentje, H.J. (1990). A Reconnaissance Survey of Zanzibar Forests and Coastal Thicket. Zanzibar Environmental Study Series No. 7. Zanzibar: Commission for Lands and Environment. (3.3 Mb pdf document)


Busse, W. (1902). Forschungsreise durch den Südlichen Teil von Deutsch-Ost Afrika. Beiheft zum Tropenpflanzer 6: 93-119. (3.2 Mb pdf document)


Clarke, G.P. (1998). A new regional centre of endemism in Africa. In: Huxley, C.R., Lock, J.M. & Cutler, D.F. (eds.). Chorology, Taxonomy and Ecology of the Floras of Africa and Madagascar. Pp. 53-65. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens. (4.4 Mb pdf document - note that the ProNatura botanical expeditions to Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique in 2008 and 2009 have subsequently discovered many plant species that were previously unknown to this part of Mozambique. This additional new information strongly reinforces the patterns and findings noted in this paper)


Dale, I.R. (1939). The Woody Vegetation of the Coast Province of Kenya. Oxford: Imperial Forestry Institute. (2.7 Mb pdf document)


Moomaw, J.C. (1960). A Study of the Plant Ecology of the Coast Region of Kenya Colony. Nairobi: Government Printer. (5.5 Mb pdf document)


Rodgers, W.A.R. (ca. 1985). The Gum Copal Industry in Tanganyika. University of Dar es Salaam: unpublished typescript. (1.1 Mb pdf document)


Schlieben, H.J. (1939). Die forstlichen Vegetationsverhältnisse Deutsch-Ostafrikas. Kolonialeforstliche Mitteilungen 1: 406-424. (2.7 Mb pdf document)


Swynnerton, C.F.M. (1917). Some factors in the replacement of the ancient East African forest by wooded pasture land. South African Journal of Science 14: 493-518. (12.7 Mb pdf document)



More papers will be uploaded here in the future.